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Gail Lefèvre

It's my passion to present your work in its best possible light! Editorial Services

Editorial Services

Whether you are a seasoned author, or just starting out, I can assist you with valuable services and advice. Below is a summary of the editorial services I offer.

The Essentials

  • Manuscript Evaluation
    A solid starting point

    I will evaluate your MS and recommend whatever action needs to be taken, recognizing your goals for the project and its market potential.

  • Proofreading
    An essential service

    In my experience, most books will require some degree of editing, followed by proofreading. An unbiased set of eyes will pick up things that even the most gifted writer can miss.

  • Editing
    This is a most-requested and valued service

    Contrary to popular misconception, editing is not just about spelling and grammar, but about the overall effectiveness of your book. In addition to mechanical copyediting, the editing process can identify stylistic weaknesses, structural/organizational problems or areas requiring substantive editing, involving considerable rewriting or other solutions.

  • Book Proposals
    Now that you're ready to market your book. . .

    I can write or edit your query letter, overview, synopsis, etc., and help you with the market research necessary to determine where to best position your book.

  • Convenience and Value
    Paperless services, current and authoritative standards

    Your manuscript will be edited to the most current CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) standards, and other authoritative sources, as required, then marked up electronically. This allows each client to clearly see and understand the editorial process they have paid for.

  • Book Layout and Design
    Customized to meet the needs of your project

    Whether your manuscript requires formatting to meet presentation standards, or your book contains photos or other graphics, requiring a more complex layout . . .

    If you are self-publishing, your book will need to meet the technical guidelines of the particular service you have chosen.

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