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Gail Lefèvre

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Services for Musicians

As a classically trained musician with an interest in performing many musical styles—Folk, Pop, Country, Jazz, Blues—I have had the pleasure of meeting a cross-section of gifted and creative musicians who play and improvise without the constraint of printed music. A number of these people have composed a wealth of publishable material, and need their songs transcribed to hard copy.

The biggest advantage to having your valuable work transcribed is for the protection of your intellectual property. As a singer and song writer, I can take your recorded songs and commit them to a music score.

My music services

  • Song Transcription
    Notation to vocal and/or piano scores.
  • Song Arrangements
    Harmonization and arrangements for piano parts or vocal ensembles.
  • Song Lyrics
    Have a fabulous tune, but need some lyrics? As a singer, let me combine my musical instincts and feel for words to fit your song.

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